The future of space exploration depends on engaging young people. With your financial support, the Adventures of Miss Q Spacecat can inspire younger generations with a vision of interstellar exploration and community. Promoting interstellar awareness will help engender positive responses to interstellar space exploration and discoveries. Inspiring future generations will contribute to making interstellar space travel a reality. This project will be possible with your financial support! We have already developed:
•* Foundational Space Systems curriculum package for K-2 and 3-6 (meets NGSS!)
•* Pilot episode storyboard and animatic
•* Initial website With additional financial support we can: * Produce a fully animated pilot episode * Create a kid-friendly interactive 3-D star model showing a 20-light year radius of sol that includes exoplanet discoveries and elements from the Adventures of Miss Q
•* Increase related classroom curriculum offerings
•* Develop an app for exploring our interstellar neighborhood
•* Produce a full season of the Adventures of Miss Q Supporters will be gratefully acknowledged in Miss Q media and materials. In addition, we are happy to offer creative incentives such as original artwork and the opportunity to name or voice over ancillary characters. We are a team of learning designers with combined 40 years experience in science curriculum research and development, animation, graphic arts, sound design, and connecting S.T.E.M. offerings to traditionally underrepresented groups. Employers/ clients include Dreamworks Animation, National Science Foundation, Nature, Discovery Ed., National Geographic. Contact us at:
Erika Gasper or on LinkedIn
Chanda Cummings

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